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Red Faction Remains Up For Grabs, And Rightfully So?

It's a franchise that still has loads of potential, provided it fell into the right hands.

But as of yet, nobody has opted to pick up the floating Red Faction franchise after publisher THQ went under earlier this year. And according to what Volition senior producer Jim Boone told Polygon , two of the recent series installments "lost quite a bit of money."

Maybe that's why publishers like Deep Silver didn't want to pick up the Red Faction IP. Deep Silver did opt to grab Saints Row for $22.3 million but Boone said he isn't surprised that Red Faction hasn't found a home yet. They lost lots of money, after all.

"And when we lost as much money as we did with [Red Faction: Guerrilla] and when we lost as much money as we did with [Red Faction: Armageddon] I think you know, in our hearts we certainly love Red Faction, but at the same time it's kind of hard to look at that business and think, you know gosh, how come we didn't get that too."

After Armageddon failed to impress on a critical and financial level, then-THQ CEO Brian Farrell said the franchise would be lying low. Thing is, Red Faction: Armageddon was really pretty solid and lots of fun, and Guerrilla was absolutely one of 2009's best games . We really hope Red Faction gets another shot with a talented team somewhere…

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10 years ago

Red faction guerilla lost money? That's a shame. It was an amazing game, but that one losing money provably had more to do with how long they took to make it.

I Know I would buy that franchise if i could.

10 years ago

EA should buy it and give it to People Can Fly

10 years ago

what missmanagement had to be going on for RFG to LOOSE so much money!?
that actually sold really well!
Armageddon i can understand, but guerrilla?
sad, guerrilla was such a awesome title id love to see a sequel.
armageddon was ok, just not as fun as guerrilla.
darksiders and red faction, 2 awesome franchises, with so much potential left!
and sadly potential we will probably never see due to poor management.
christ, whats with companies and expecting such ridiculous sales lately?
is everyone secretly owned by $E!?

Tim Speed24
Tim Speed24
10 years ago

I guess I'm the only one that liked Red Faction Armegeddon. The weapons and destruction were great. I even got into that rebuild feature – that was a great idea they had.

10 years ago

Red Faction Guerilla was a really fun game. I'd most definitely be interested in a sequel.

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