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Sega Seems Ready To Deliver A Castle Of Illusion Remake

Remakes, re-imaginings, and reboots of classic titles and franchises have become awfully trendy over the past few years.

Just in the past few weeks, we've seen the announcement of a new remastered Ducktales as well as the recent unveiling of VectorCell's upcoming revamp of the 90s classic, Flashback .

Now it seems another is coming our way, if a new teaser trailer from Sega is any indication. You can see it below; it's only 37 seconds but it seems clear they're giving us a peek at a re-release of Castle of Illusion , a classic Disney platformer designed by Sega's Shinobi team. It launched for the Sega Genesis back in 1990 and it featured the Disney icon battling toy soldiers and Mizrabel, the shape-shifting villain. We get a glimpse of those soldiers and Mizrabel in this trailer, so the announcement is probably inevitable.

The game is apparently set for "summer 2013" and it'll likely be a downloadable title. I want to see a remake of the other Genesis game with Mickey and Donald…what was it? Land of Illusion or something like that? They used a cape to swipe at enemies, and I distinctly remember an "Alice in Wonderland" level… So much fun!