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Rumor: Resident Evil: Revelations Gets A DLC Season Pass

Well, who would be shocked if Resident Evil: Revelations included a Season Pass? Isn't that basically par for the course these days?

According to a Steam product page for the upcoming port, it appears as if Capcom's latest Resident Evil project will indeed feature a Season Pass. Presumably, that Pass will encompass the four expansions that are slated to arrive "shortly after" the game hits store shelves on May 21.

There's nothing official just yet concerning a downloadable content pass, but it's probably inevitable at this point. Revelations initially launched exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012 but now it's headed to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC, and it'll boast revamped high-definition graphics, additional features, an "Infernal" difficulty option, and new playable characters for Raid Mode. For more information and details, check out our recent preview .

So, what do you think of these Season Passes for DLC? They sound like good options, provided you're fairly convinced you want all the extra content for a certain game.

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11 years ago

I think the season pass is pretty much confirmed since its on their Facebook and Steam page…
But yeah, I believe that it'll probably be two characters (Barry and Rebecca is my guess) and two guns. Something like that, considering the official description includes 'extra Raid Mode such as weapons and characters'.

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