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Dragon’s Crown Gameplay Vid Features The Fighter Laying Waste

The super fun side-scrolling brawler was a mainstay of the industry way back when.

But it's enjoying a small resurgence in the digital realm as of late. For example, take Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown , which looks like a mix of Golden Axe and Streets of Rage .

There will be six character classes with which to experiment in the game, and here's a gameplay trailer for the Fighter. Obviously, he's a big dude with a big sword who can dole out big damage; the quintessential warrior. Other characters, such as the Elf, Wizard and Sorceress will require a bit more in the way of finesse and strategy, but the fighter is all about pushing forward at all costs. This tank is designed to withstand a great deal of pain, so he's probably the biggest button-mashing candidate.

If you're interested, check out our recent preview . It'll make you pine for the good ol' days!