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EA: Core Gamers Still Want To Play Games On Big Screens

We've been saying for a while now that hardcore gamers have no intention of abandoning consoles just because a new age is upon us.

Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore agrees with that assessment, telling Bloomberg that in fact, "the demise of console gaming is very premature."

He says that although mobile and social gaming has expanded, the avid gamers still require core titles they can play on the big screen. He added that the console business remains a major part of EA's future endeavors:

"We still have thousands of people focused on developing current-generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games, as well as people focused now on the next generation when that finally arrives. And so, people still want core games. People want to sit back in their living rooms, take advantage of their HD TVs, and and play fully immersive games like [Battlefield 4]."

However, the industry continues forward into the digital era, and Moore does believe that EA's digital sales will outstrip traditional packaged goods by 2015. That isn't so very far off but at the same time, that doesn't mean consoles are through. It just means those boxes we collectors have always craved will fall by the wayside, which we are not relishing. By the way, Moore is one of the candidates to replace recently resigned CEO John Riccitiello at EA. Is he the man for the job…?

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11 years ago

Couldn't agree more, handheld screens are improving year by year with stuff such as AMOLED or Apple's Retina display.

But huge TV is where the real pleasure's at.

11 years ago

Definitely agree. I know the vita is great tech, but when I play a serious game, I need a larger screen to get the most out of it.

11 years ago

Console and big TV gaming will die when the man-cave dies, which will be thirteen years after a nuclear/zombie apocalypse wipes out the last human being.

I have no clue who should run EA, somebody who care about quality and developer's visions instead of time tables and low investment dollars.

11 years ago

Its the only way I consider myself playing a game. Anything on my phone is just passing time. Its the reason I have not bought a Vita (despite Golden Abyss only being available on it). I surely didnt buy my phone for games either.

Its ridiculous for anyone to think console gaming is going anywhere, because handhelds and phones wont replace that.

11 years ago

lets put this in the no sh*t sherlock category.
as for pete CEO, he probably wouldent be such a bad choice.
hes got ALLOT of experience in the industry, and has held head positions for quite a few years in quite a few number of companies.
certainly got the experience and paper to back it up.
one thing ive always admired about the guy was his ability to laugh things off, and always try to understand things from other peoples perspective but also reason with them.
i had to piss myself laughing 2 years ago at the eb expo he did a presentation about the industry, how its evolving, where he sees mobile games going, where he sees social interventions and crap like that.
when he got to PC he immediately went to origin, so someone stands up and screams ORIGIN SUCKS!
peter was talking at the time with loud fireworks in the background, so he probably did not hear it and said sorry what was that?
than everyone joins in and screams ORIGIN SUCKS!
then pete started laughing, and says yea i know we have our teething problems but give us time i promise in a few years you wont be saying that.
most people would of ignored him, but he acknowledged the remark, and admitted the public opinion of origin, is, well, less than favorable.
so he understands the fans perspective, but also makes sure you understand his.
and to be honest considering how long they have been doing this, i mean they have NO experience in it, and have only been out there for a few years now, well lets put it this way i have 100th the amount of problems with origin i do steam!
every single time i boot up steam i run into a issue!
origin, ive only ever had 1 issue and that was with a company sending me the wrong CD key and origin set me up with a new one even though it was not their fault!
hows that customer service for you?

long story short moore would be the perfect CEO for EA as 1 he has tons of experience both in high level positions and also within the industry itself.
2 hes highly intouch with the community and fans so if someone can run a consumer driven company, that is run by gamers for gamers, its moore!
and who knows, maybe he can turn the worst company in the world into one of the best?

11 years ago

Well, duh.

This would only come as a surprise to marketers at EA. This industry seriously needs to get over its "me too" obsession. Just because 60-million people downloaded Words With Friends, that doesn't mean mobile is replacing consoles, that digital's "time has come," or that every game maker has to be involved in that completely separate market space.

I don't see mobile/social gaming as any different than I see 3D movies. It's fine that it exists. People are welcome to enjoy it, if they want. But keep it the hell out of MY movies!! I DON'T want it! I like normal, 2D movies. I like normal, big-screen games.

11 years ago

While this is an obvious no duh statement. I wonder who over at EA thinks core gamers want micros in their games….. oh wait core gamers don't only the people wearing suits want that stuff in games.

This statement is like when people thought PC gaming was dying. There was no validity in it and it was just people saying opinions as facts.

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