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Dead Island Riptide Gameplay Trailer: It Seems “They Were Wrong”

Okay, we won't be the bad guys and spoil things for you if you haven't finished Dead Island . Maybe you don't care either way, but even so-


This warning is more for Dead Island than for the impending sequel, Riptide . The new gameplay trailer released by publisher Deep Silver shows the plot transition between the games, and certainly gives away at least part of the original title's ending. Sorry 'bout that.

If that's a problem for you, look away. If you already finished it and are interested in what Dead Island Riptide will offer, by all means, check this out. Don't expect there to be a bigger emphasis on story or plot this time around; chances are, we'll spend the vast majority of our time running around killing zombies, as we did before. Still, it's always nice to have that plot lurking in the background so it feels like a real game, you know? Riptide is slated to release on April 23.

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