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Students Get The Chance To Make A Borderlands Animated Short

Video games can be part of the learning experience, too. I wish things like this were given serious consideration when I had been in school.

Today, 2K Games and Gearbox Software have announced an interesting partnership with the Academy of Art University. The collaboration is for a student project that will result in a new animated short set in the Borderlands universe.

With the help of the professors along with resources from the developer, students training in various disciplines will have a chance to participate in the project. During the spring semester, the students will develop short stories for the film, and then a panel of university officials (as well as 2K and Gearbox reps) will choose one story. The team that writes the winning story will even land internship interviews at Gearbox. Then full production will begin in the summer and the project should be done in the fall; completion at the end of 2013.

2K says this real-world learning experience will give students a look at how certain work environments operate. You know, meeting deadlines, working well with others, etc. Like I said, I would've loved to have seen this way back when…even if it would've been a little weird for a teacher to go, "Okay class, the school is teaming up with Nintendo to create an animated short and we need your best stories for Super Mario Bros. 3 ."

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11 years ago

Will they teach the students how to plagiarize and get away with it? lol

11 years ago

Since I graduated High School in 73 if someone had mentioned video game I would have scratched my head and said Huh?

Advent Child
Advent Child
11 years ago

This really makes me wish I was still going to the Academy of Art University.

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