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Tomb Raider Reboot Was Originally Like Shadow Of The Colossus?

This is almost difficult to believe. But if it's true, it's awfully interesting, isn't  it?

Tomb Raider is the best game of the year so far in our estimation. But did you know that according to DevianArt's Tomb Raider-Empire (as cited by DSOGaming ), the game was originally going to be a very different adventure?

Hit the link to see some of the leaked artwork. Lara was supposedly going to be featured in "Tomb Raider: Ascension," which would feature huge giants very similar to those we saw in the PS2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus . The heroine would even ride a horse and one of her weapons was a flamethrower, strangely enough. A little girl was meant to be an AI companion, too, which is intriguing but very difficult to implement correctly. Such a concept flopped badly in last year's AMY , for example. Bioshock Infinite will do it better, I'm sure.

But anyway, this is definitely worth seeing. And while we have no problem at all with the final product, getting this would've been quite the shock…