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Gearbox Teases New Borderlands 2 Class, Level Cap Increase

You've had the time to fiddle around with the Mechromancer, right? Ready for another character now?

Developer Gearbox Software has officially teased the upcoming new class for Borderlands 2 …if you can "officially" tease anything.

We'll get the full unveiling during the studio's panel at PAX East but for now, we can get a peek at this new character, which appears to focus exclusively on insanely powerful melee attacks. Gearbox will also talk about the much-anticipated level cap increase, which die-hard fans of the game really want. As for the new class, it will be the sixth and we should learn all about it at 12:30 p.m. EST on March 24.

Geabox has released three expansions for the award-winning shooter so far (Captain Scarlett and Her Captain's Booty, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, and Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt) and more is on the way. They're supporting the hell out of this one, there's no doubt about it.

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11 years ago

Well im not excited about a melee heavy character. Zero is built for melee and hes almost worthless as a high level unless he has support.

I am excited about the level cap though and have been just waiting and waiting. Problem is I think they really messed up with it. Ill support it though, I love the game too much not too. So thats good news.

11 years ago

i tried to go back to this game to help out a couple of friends with their runs recently and found out that the bee shield got nerfed. we got the story done no problem. but bosses like terramorphous and hyperious are near impossible now unless you have a really serious group that you play with constantly. the one thing that actually helped to make some of the pain in the ass bosses less of a chore isnt "legendary" anymore. given that, i dont think extra levels would help or even a new character this late would matter.

as for me, i did enjoy the game when i played it before, and i know alot still enjoys the game, but there really isnt anything to draw me back to playing borderlands 2 anymore. guess i just had enough of the annoying drop rates and the fact that something i spent so much time trying to get got nerfed and is now useless.

i will say this though. im glad to see a developer putting so much effort in supporting a game post launch.

11 years ago

Well the bee shield did get nerfed but its not useless. My buddy and I took down terremorpheous in just a couple min. I was equipped with the bee, and the conference call and he had no bee shield and I believe the norfleet rocket launcher. It didnt take us too long, and was relatively easy, I didnt go down once. To be honest I was rather upset it wasn't more difficult haha. To me a raid boss should be very difficult and require both strategy and teamwork.

When someone by themself can walk up to Hyperious the Invincible and kill him in just a couple seconds before his bots spawn, the weapons and shields need to be nerfed. Just sayin.

If you ever wanna play in the future lemme know cus about all im doing until the level increase comes out is raid boss battles.

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