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Journey Wins Five BAFTAs, Dishonored Takes Home Best Game

Dishonored and Journey came up big in our 2012 GotY Awards . We were one of the few sources to give Dishonored overall Game of the Year.

…and now the BAFTAs have copied our picks.

Oh, that isn't true at all; totally different awards involved. But the gems from Arkane Studios and Thatgamecompany did indeed score big at this year's BAFTA Awards, as all the hardware has been handed out .

Dishonored won Best Game while Journey took home awards for Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, Original Music, Game Design and Online – Multiplayer. Telltale Games' critically acclaimed The Walking Dead nabbed two awards (Story and Mobile & Handheld) and overall, 13 of the 19 awards went to mobile/downloadable titles. Here's the list:

It's also interesting to note that The Unfinished Swan won in the Innovation category (and we gave it Best Original Game), and it also won Best Debut Game. As for Dishonored , although the only award it won was Best Game of the year, that's because it's simply greater than the sum of its parts. Which we said in the review, and was evident in our 2012 GotY awards. …stop mimicking us! Yes yes, just kidding. 🙂

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11 years ago

Seeing The Walking Dead on this list a lot really makes me want the game even more. Ive been wanting to get it so, I think its hard to argue not getting it.

Personally, I dont agree with Dishonored, but thats just me. I can tell why people liked it. Its kind of refreshing, and out of the norm. Its original. But it didnt hit home with me and there are so many things that just bug me when im playing. To be honest I havnt picked it up since I got a few hours into it. I dont feel like its a game of the year type game, even up against last years titles.

11 years ago

gotta love the unfinished swan, but how is it the most innovative?
a black and white game which lets you paint to create your surroundings is THE most innovative game?
wow, this industry really has dropped its standards!
just goes to show how right i was, people are not bored with this generation because we have reached the limits of what the hardware can give us.
people are bored because we keep getting the same games over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!
when you have a title like the unfinished swan getting the most innovative award, you know your in trouble!

11 years ago

"Innovative" is definitely the wrong word, but if the award is intended to reward games that are original / unique, then I'd say The Swan is a worthy winner.

I'd predict that The Walking Dead will be the most innovative in terms of affecting how future games are made.

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