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Final Battlefield 3 DLC “End Game” Dated

Well, you can't say DICE didn't support the hell out of this one.

Battlefield 3 was one of the best shooters of 2011 and the developer has worked to provide fans with new expansion content for well over a year now. The last of those DLC packs arrives this month, but it has been quite the ride.

As announced at the Battlefield blog , DICE has revealed the roll-out schedule for the last expansion pack dubbed "End Game." This aptly named DLC will come first to Battlefield Premium users on the PlayStation 3; it's set to come out this week (March 5). Next up is Premium subscribers on the Xbox 360 and PC (March 12), then regular PS3 users (March 19), and regular 360/PC users (March 26). EA has been good about giving Sony fans a small nod in terms of DLC; it's nice because it helps to counteract the timed exclusivity Microsoft enjoys with Call of Duty DLC.

So are you still playing BF3? And are you psyched for BF4?

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10 years ago

Why did it take so long?

10 years ago

Im not having much luck with this timed exclusivity – COD on the PS3 and BF3 on my PC.

Having played BF3 on consoles I really am convinced its a far superior game on the PC where as COD is made for consoles.

The only downside I'm finding with the DLC is that it is not as well populated as the COD DLC is. EA need to wake up and heavily discount Premium for every map pack you already own and try to get the new maps populated.

10 years ago

The Battlefield Bad Company games are meant for consoles. Patiently waiting for BFBC3.

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