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Visceral On New Army Of Two: “In A Sense, It’s Old-School”

The new Army of Two is all about fun. That's the point of video games, right?

The franchise is known for it's crazy over-the-top gameplay and developer Visceral Games will push the envelope even farther with Army of Two: Devil's Cartel . For those of you who like to kick back with a friend and have a cooperative blast, this is the game for you.

Or so says producer and designer Greg Rizzer, who told Eurogamer that the third game in the series shouldn't be taken too seriously:

"Especially in the market today where every shooter is claiming to be the most realistic, one of the things that's starting to slip away is games are meant to be fun. Even if it's a game that's violent in content, we still as gamers need to be able to appreciate a Michael Bay-esque type of experience. And using all this new technology we have, why not?"

Rizzer is confident that Devil's Cartel wills stand out in a crowd, what with it's extreme approach to just about everything in terms of third-person action. He also added that while the previous two titles "had a real frat-boy-esque tone to them," they've scaled that back for the new entry. …but things will still be over-the-top silly. And in fact, Rizzer says this is essentially "old-school" in nature:

"To me, when you look at video games and you see the reaction of people who are playing it and are like, 'whoa!', that's the reaction you're supposed to get from when you were a kid and used to go to the arcade and see the first boss battle after playing Ghouls 'n Ghost or whatever.

That's the thing video games, I feel, need to get back to: pick up the controller, be able to play and not have to know a million different things and just have really cool things happen on the screen. So in that sense it is old school."

Army of Two: Devil's Cartel is slated to launch on March 26.

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11 years ago

As much as I really do like Army of Two games Visceral really needs to work on a Dante's Inferno sequel. I could say more but I don't want to ramble.

11 years ago

Seriously man, it's time to grow those 1 million sales. Nobody is asking for more entries in Army of Two.

11 years ago

But will anyone purchase it?

Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

Hey, hey, hey! I will.

11 years ago

Um….Old school wasn't having a million different cool things happening on the screen. Old school was a game being so damn hard that you had to memorize everything in order to progress in the game.

What he seems to be talking about is the maximum stimulai minimal input trend that games have fallen into in the last couple of years.

Maybe I would have to try it to get what he is talking about, but I think its going to be hard to capture that feeling of whooaa this is awesome when people are playing a game because frankly we have seen these games before and dozens like it come out every year.

When we were at arcades I think most of us were still blown away that games were even possible and the technology was just sooo space age to us. At least that is what went through my head.

11 years ago

old school?
when watching the trailers for this, old school is the LAST thing that pops into my mind!
first thing is why has EA turned one of my favorite new IPs into a gears wannabee!
second thing is great, this is the second new IP visceral has destroyed this gen!
as if dead space was not enough!

so pissed off about this!
i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worried we would never see a new army of two game after the 40th day simply because it sold really poorly, did not review that well, and that caused a big staff drop.
i was so worried EA montreal would close, which it has now and been folded into visceral.
i was so worried we would never see a Ao2 game, than in sweeps this, in sweeps visceral, and puts a massive smile on my face, and a sigh of relief!
than a kick in the nads and knife through the hart as i find out there turning it into a gears wannabee!
why cant we just get a straight up sequel to the 40th day?

ive asked it once, twice, a billion times, and ill ask it AGAIN!
why does EVERY SINGLE GOD DAM SEQUEL have to be a new IP and not a sequel?
why cant we just for once in the history of the industry, get just a sequel!?
is that SO much to ask!?

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