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Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets Teaser, Set For “Early 2014”

Okay, so Square Enix just showed off something we'd already seen before at the PlayStation Meeting. But at least they've got a promising new IP in the works.

It's the mysterious Murdered: Soul Suspect , and the company has just released a new teaser trailer and an estimated launch window: Early 2014.

Scheduled to land on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, players will have to track down their own killer. The latest rumor is that the setting will be Salem, Massachusetts, the site of the infamous Salem witch trials in 1692, which resulted in numerous public executions of individuals accused of witchcraft. The teaser trailer doesn't really tell us much, but it does look encouraging. And is anyone else reminded of the old PS2 game, Shadow of Destiny ? We had to stop our own murder in that game, too, but it was mostly an adventure/puzzle style.

Hopefully, we're hear and see more of Murdered: Soul Suspect soon.