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Bioshock Infinite Lamb Of Columbia Trailer Highlights Elizabeth

It's destined to be one of the very best games of 2013 and thankfully, the wait is almost over. Five more weeks!

After experiencing a few disappointing delays, Bioshock Infinite is now set for March 26, and we're assuming that date is gonna stick. It better, too, because new media such as this activates our salivation glands.

The new Lamb of Columbia trailer highlights your AI ally, Elizabeth. Perhaps she's even more critical to the story than you ever imagined, as it's clear that she has potentially world-altering powers. And when an individual has that sort of power, you have to expect multiple governments and other organizations are going to want to hold her…maybe as a weapon. Your job is to free her, but maybe during the course of the adventure, you learn that all you'd be doing is transporting her from one prison to another…