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Pre-Order Ascension At Best Buy, Get Thor’s Legendary Hammer

Ooh, bet that thing packs a big-time punch!

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , there's a new pre-order incentive for those looking to pick up the hotly anticipated God of War: Ascension . This involves a great new show headed to the History channel (previews look cool ).

History's new "Vikings" mini-series is bound to be pretty intense and as a special limited time offer, if you pre-purchase Ascension at Best Buy, you'll earn an exclusive multiplayer weapon inspired by the legendary Nordic soldiers. It's called "Mjölnir" or basically, the Hammer of Thor. The voucher code in question will also unlock the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack, which features four unique armor sets for four of ancient Greece's greatest warriors: Achilles, Perseus, Orion and Odysseus.

You might also be interested in that awesome Legacy Edition , which features a special 500GB Garnet Red PlayStation 3 console, all the previous games in the series, and a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus, all for the very reasonable price of $349.99.

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Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

6 GoW titles
1 month free of plus.

How reasonable is $350 + tax?

Last edited by Killa Tequilla on 2/14/2013 11:55:02 PM

11 years ago

Stops and thinks about the idea of Kratos vs. Thor…

11 years ago

Maybe this is a hint of Kratos saga in the next generation. The Norns shall call to thee.

Not verified but I heard someone state that Best Buy is offering a $20 gift card with the Ascencion pre order. I have to look that up. If so.. then it will be Thors Hammer, $20 card and early access to The Last Of Us demo. Hmmm.. And a great game!

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