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Gearbox: “We Love Brothers In Arms”

It's one of those franchises that has always been decent but unfortunately, never really aspired to greatness.

Still, developer Gearbox Software doesn't want to see Brothers in Arms disappear forever. As CEO Randy Pitchford told IGN , he's "really excited" about the upcoming new installment, even if it's only in the pre-production phase.

After saying that "we love Brothers in Arms ," Pitchford said that although they haven't officially announced the next iteration, there are "a lot of neat things going on." He's reluctant to talk about the game right now because it's so early in development, and he doesn't want the media wondering what happened to the project five years later. "That's why I don't announce things until we know what they are," he said. Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 was revealed at E3 in 2011 but later, we learned that Gearbox would essentially reboot the franchise.

The bottom line is that when you next see this series, it will have evolved and hopefully, it will indeed reach new heights.

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11 years ago

I played the hour trial of one of these games (i don't remember which one it was) and i didn't like it. The enemies ran around the doorway trying to get in. I stood there being just as confused as the AI haha. It could have been a different game, but im pretty sure it was a brothers in arms game.

11 years ago

Loved Hells Highway. The graphics and storyline were cool. The gameplay was very strategic for the most part. Liked the change of pace from your average shooter.

A solid 7.9. If they reboot the series hopefully they would keep the slowed down gameplay.

11 years ago

as much as you "love" aliens and duke?
one thing ive lost allot of respect for this guy.
hes always saying ah i grew up with this franchise i love it oh so much!
hell, when he was only young he moved out of home and interstate just so he could work on duke nukem he loved it so much!
and now so many years later he gets to revive the icon, and lets him out in the state he did.
than move on to aliens, ah we love the franchise it means so much to me, to the team, to everyone!
were trying to recreate the experience everyone had with the original iconic movie.
and he lets colonial marines release in the state its in.
been playing it for 4 days now and all i can say is my god i thought DNF would be the biggest pile of sh*t they ever put out!
and i thought Prometheus was a disappointment!
nuf said!
ive lost allot of respect for gearbox, and especially randy because hes such a 2 face!
one hand he says oh i love this franchise, than he goes and lets it release being a PoS!
if you love something, you dont let it out in this state.
you cancel it so its not to be tarnished, or you delay it till it is of required quality!

as for brothers in arms, im pissed furious 4 is not releasing!
it had a real inglorious bastards tone to it, and i really was looking forward to that its EXACTLY what the industry needs!
it looked to have allot of tongue in cheek humor, well how many games do we have that are cheesy as hell and just about laughs and fun?
bulletstorm, thats the only game i can recall!
so we NEEDED this!

11 years ago

Ugh, why are they rebooting everything. This didn't need a reboot, they needed to finish the story that they set up in Hells Highway, with the company heading further east towards Germany.

I used to love gearbox but I'm going to have some issues with them if the reboot is taking the WW2 setting and sticking it in a modern day desert shooter like 99% of the shooters on the market.

Also I think Furious four looked interesting but more like a Borderlands ww2 edition without loot.

If they are going to reboot it they need to make it more like the first 2 in the series. Hells highway was good but they were already trying to make it more action based than the more strategic methodical predecessors.

I love this series and I hope that if it is a reboot, that it is still in WW2. I grew attached to bakers group of boys 🙁

11 years ago

As time went on, Furious Four took such a different route from Brothers In Arms, that Pitchford said that they decided to actually "unhinge" Furious Four from BIA altogether, and to then make another more truer BIA later on.
But still no date in sight for any truer BIA game, *sigh*

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