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PSXE Poll Update: Parents Need To Pay Closer Attention

The violent video game debate continues to rage, and some politicians want to make the ESRB ratings legally binding.

However, while a lot of readers here at PSXE do agree with that, a few more simply say parents need to be parents; i.e., pay closer attention to what their children play.

This isn't an argument that has an easy solution. While making the ratings legally binding probably can't hurt, it may also only prove to be a band-aid, as clueless parents will still buy their kids Grand Theft Auto V . Perhaps education is the best possible method; make it plain to parents that in fact, it might be a good idea to do their research and accordingly pass some household rules. Then again, as the ESRB has been around for almost 19 years now and the education is always easily accessible, maybe parents will just continue being clueless.

This week, it's all about the PS4, which may be announced later this month. What do you expect from the announcement? Do you think you'll be blown away? Or are you bracing for disappointment?

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11 years ago

I think the rating system is fine, but I don't want it legally binding. When people have morals they live by, they can be self governed. The more people misbehave, the more laws get passed in the land. I'd like to think we haven't gone so far as to not being able to control ourselves as a society.

Retailers should at least be made to display signs explaining the rating system, large enough that parents can't help but notice them.

11 years ago

Technically, it's already legally binding. (For the retailers, of course) That's why the government going on a video game rampage is so frustrating. They don't even know their own laws already are supposed to limit children's access. All they need to do is educate parents. That's it. SO SO easy… but that'd be too easy. ;p

Last edited by Underdog15 on 2/4/2013 12:19:46 AM

Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

I hope Ps4 is announced! But im ready for the outcome.

Last edited by Killa Tequilla on 2/3/2013 11:08:53 PM

11 years ago

I'm ready to be wowed, it's always good to have something to look forward to as a gamer. And hey all the info seems to say we will still have physical media so that's good.

Time to reclaim former glory Sony.

11 years ago

pay more attention obviously, but sometimes that cant be done.
what are parents suppose to do, follow their kids to their friends place?
there are times where kids cant be supervised, so those times its up to the sellers of this content who need to be responsible.
if it was impossible for kids to buy this inappropriate material in the first place, than parents wouldent need to be more attentive in the first place!

as for ps4 im bracing for disappointment.
all the rumors and consensus is leading towards a conventional shift in what we expect.
the WHOLE point, as ive said so many times, of playstation has always been to bring THE most technically advanced system to the masses!
from the outer reaches of space, off the alien planet, to planet earth.
but the ps4, well, its like the vita kinda outdated and poultry.
isent it funny that ever since the father of playstation got das boot, the brand has fallen apart?
vita was the first playstation product created without father ken, and its been a massive flop!
ps4 seems to be following in its footsteps.
oh well, i wont say i told you so.
always said $onys criminal treatment of their father would come back and bite them in the a$$!
however i dident think it would come so soon…….
oh well, as the saying goes you dont bite the hand feeding you!

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