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Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Welcomes Shooter Fans Next Week

If you just want to kick back with a friend and a simple shooter, you might want to look into a budget-priced offering available next week.

Mastiff has announced that Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear will launch for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on January 29, and it'll hold an attractive price tag of only $19.99.

Developed by Teyon, the military action series returns and introduces fresh gameplay elements such as a "multi-directional, multi-cover system," sniping, brand new weapons, night vision, and vehicle-based levels. They're also giving us an updated graphics engine, which is bound to generate a more realistic and immersive environment. The game will have you penetrate deep behind enemy lines to rescue a spy with critical information, and you'll even have to disarm nuclear missiles. All sorts of weapons and vehicles can be used to your advantage, and there are 60 Trophies/Achievements to nab.

Said Mastiff President Bill Swartz:

"Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear raises the bar again. We are very pleased that Teyon has added so many new ways to play. Players new to the franchise and long-time fans alike will discover a rich, visual experience. They'll also discover a game that is easy to control, yet deeply challenging and exciting."