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Lightning Returns Extended Trailer: Noel Makes An Appearance

We know you're just begging for more Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII media, so here's the latest Extended Trailer.

First, we're once again reminded of the fact that in 13 days, the end of the world will be upon us. Lightning has awakened to save wayward souls and yes, this will be a solo quest for the pretty protagonist. RPG fans aren't likin' that but hey, it could turn out to be a decent action game, right?

Anyway, another familiar face is seen in this trailer; it's Noel from Final Fantasy XIII-2 , who traveled with Serah and was quite the swordsman. Here, he actually crosses blades with Lightning because…well, apparently, he doesn't believe she's Lightning. Then there's that free-roaming jumping and climbing we'd heard about before, along with more footage of Lightning going one-on-one. Oh yes, and Lightning in her Matrix sunglasses, which is just the cherry on the parfait.