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Gran Turismo 5’s New C7 Corvette Stingray Fully Revealed

At the end of November, Sony and Polyphony Digital gave Gran Turismo 5 aficionados an awesome new car to drive: Dubbed the C7 Test Prototype, it was a camouflaged mega racing machine .

Now, it's finally time for the unveiling. As of tomorrow, January 15, the hot new C7 Corvette Stingray will be available to download. For an in-depth look at the car that will capture the hearts of a great many car fanatics, head over to WOTAuto for all relevant info.

This slick vehicle boasts a Ferrari-like visage with a serious amount of power thanks to a small-block V8, 6.2L LT1, which generates 450HP and 450lbs. ft. of torque. Topping it off is a seven-speed manual gearbox from Tremec, although there is the option of an automatic six-speed with paddle shifters. If you're interested, check out more screenshots and the fully detailed breakdown . And a video of the streamlined sweetness is below; you may also notice that at around the 45-second mark, we see a currently unknown GT5 track. Will that too be available for download at some point in the near future…?

P.S. Veteran PSXE readers should recognize the name of the author of the linked article in question. 😉