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MotoGP 13 Announced And Detailed

If you're up for a high-speed challenge, Milestone has got the game for you.

The developer has announced that MotoGP 13 will arrive some time this year. Here's hoping the franchise can reclaim some of its lost glory.

Boasting redesigned graphics, a variety of game modes including Official MotoGP (participate in the 2013 Worldwide Championship), IRTA Test, Quick Race, and Career, and a combination of first- and third-person gameplay elements, the latest entry should be pretty entertaining. They're also promising multiplayer that will "recreate exciting events," tracks and riders from the 2013 MotoGP season, and even an all-new engine that will amp up the overall realism. Better look, better feel. These games have always been tough because the sport in question is tough; those looking for a simple arcade rush will probably want to pass.

MotoGP 13 is slated for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Vita.

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11 years ago

The vita as well? That is awesome. I need some sim like racers for my vita.

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