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PSXE Poll Update: DMC Will Probably Be Good, But Not Great

The Devil May Cry reboot launches this week and the majority of PSXE readers believe it'll be a solid product. It just won't aspire to AAA heights.

In our latest poll, most readers believe the highly anticipated title from Ninja Theory will be good, but maybe not enough to "wow" the gaming public. For the record, however, a few early review scores have leaned more towards the elite scores; i.e., 9 and above. Some long-time fans of the franchise are concerned about the fresh modern-day look, and they're also worried that this new "accessibility" angle will result in a dumbed-down version of a potentially deep combat mechanic. Of course, you still have the lingering crowd that despises Dante's new look. But hey, let's hope the game rocks like past entries did. Gotta be optimistic.

This week, 2013 is upon us and it's time to ask the million-dollar question: Will the PS4 launch this year and if so, when? Do you think it'll be out in time for the holiday rush? Or do you believe Sony has no intention of releasing new hardware this year, and we'll all have to wait until 2014? We still have to figure out if the next system will be called the PlayStation 4 or Orbis and for the most part, Sony has been awfully tight-lipped about the new machine. So many that's why they'll wait beyond 2013…who knows?

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11 years ago

I think DmC is going to be amazing. With dialogue like that, you just can't go wrong. Not a 60$ purchase though. I don't care at this point, regarding the PS4. If it does it does. I mean i'll try and buy it, but i will be busy with TLOU and Beyond.

11 years ago

Holiday 2013, if not then spring 2014.

11 years ago

I voted "I really have no idea."


Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

All I know is this: I'm okay for at least another year. After that, I may need new tehnology.

11 years ago

Combat has been dumbed down and the 30fps kills it for me. The demo just didn't get me excited like past entries.

11 years ago

I really have no idea, but I vote for what I hope for: Sometime this year. The sooner the better, really. But I guess the most realistic (if this year at all) is by the end of the year.

But I am worried we will have to wait one more year. I really am.

Last edited by Beamboom on 1/14/2013 3:31:24 AM

11 years ago

I hope there's still time to fix the name, DmC: Devil May Cry is just saying Devil may Cry Devil may Cry. Just stick to DmC.

I think it will continue to score well and be an awesome game despite the public's reservations. But it will be cool in it's own right while paying homage to the original.

I'm already sort of locked into my prediction that PS4 will be coming in 2014 so all I'm worried about will be what they actually name it. I'm not gonna die if they decide not to call it Playstation 4 but it better be something cool. "Vita" was a terrible name choice.

11 years ago

im sure DMC will be a fantastic game, as in the way AC3 was.
a fantastic GAME, not a fantastic game for that franchise.
like AC3 this looks to have been simplified and stripped of EVERYTHING that made the franchise awesome and unique!
a great game, but a sh*t DMC game!

WANT, by the end of the year.
obviously the sooner the better, but theres a reason new hardware always releases around chrissy.
as for when its more likely to come out, id say next year.
especially because of all the new games been announced recently, which have pretty much nothing.
its not that they were recently announced, its that there so quiet and secretive on them making me believe there still a fair ways off.
and you DONT go announcing next gen games without announcing next gen consoles, that just opens up the floodgates for leaks!
not to mention a article i read today pointing to IBM recently increasing production of the cell processor.
hmmmmmmm, what could that be for?
toshiba has sold their factories, the cell TVs abandoned because of heat and cost.
$ony is the ONLY manufacture out there still using cell, so whats it for?
cant be for ps3, why would you increase your manufacturing volume when your replacing a system?

and IBM have abandoned cell a while ago, so its not just going to be for their servers or other applications.
this HAS to be because of $onys request, and whats $ony working on that would use cell?
4K TVs would not require cell, and toshiba abandoned cell TV because of heat issues.
so the only application left is ps4.
looks like the ps4 rumors are false, and the ps4 will indeed have a cell processor in it!
and i could not be happier!
makes BC a breeze, cell is still immensely powerful especially with the recent 2PPEs and 32SPUs i think it was.
not to mention $ony and developers have spent 6,7,8,9, years building up a library of tools and code, training their staff in its uses.
you dont want to go spend all that time and money, than to just go throw it out the window!
yea x86 would make things allot easier because of parity with other systems, but for the most important developers, for the first party studios it wont.
ND has been spending 7 or so years working with the cell, learning how to make it sing.
why throw that experience and lessons away?
yes its a pain in the a$$ to port too, but developers have had 7 or so years to work that out, to create engines and tools to help get around that.
or even better DONT port to the ps3, do things the other way around, as EA have been doing since 2007 for f*cks sake!
just seems incredibly wasteful to throw all these resources away, especially when cell is still night and day ahead of X86 when used properly!

$ony seriously needs to do a nintendo actually.
dont go for new architecture, take the ps3s parts and use the modern equivalent upgrades of those parts.
thats what ninty did, the CPU type in the wiiU is actually EXACTLY the same as the CPU in the wii!
XDR, cell, RSX type technology has gone leaps and bounds since 06.
and the funny thing is the early rumors, i remember the first ps4 rumor that came out said the ps4 would have a 32SPU cell processor, 16GBs of XDR2 memory, and a 6 series GPU.
im starting to think that was actually by far the most accurate rumor weve seen!

one things for sure though, there not going to call it ps4.
japanese word for 4 is shi, english translation playstation death.
yea, not exactly the best name…….
i dont mind playstation orbis, playstation circle.
vita, life, orbis, circle.
circle of life, allot like what $ony has been trying to do in unifying their brands turning them into one.
one thing that is REALLY important to the companies success, and im really happy to see kaz really pushing it.
i really hope the Xperia Z announced at CES is playstation certified, if it is i think i found me my new phone!
look out apple, androids knocking on your door.
hopefully this will force them to actually innovate, and stop releasing last years model just with a better processor………
SO disappointed with the iphone 5!

Last edited by ___________ on 1/14/2013 5:49:43 AM

11 years ago

I had played the demo of DmC, and I have no qualms about it being a "good" or even "great" game.

But what needs to be remembered is that DmC is following after the legacy of the DMC franchise; a franchise that had set a standard for hack and slash games, and I don't think that DmC will reach it.
(Like the whole FFXIII fiasco; a good game in it's own right, but not a good Final Fantasy game).

The gameplay is solid, but I don't think it's gonna "wow" a lot of people. From what I played of the demo, the dialogue seems like they're trying too hard…all the swearing doesn't seem natural, especially from the bosses themselves.

And then there's that issue of "accessibility"…not quite sure what to think of that.

About the PS4, I think either end of this year or next year….I'd prefer next year to be honest (My PS3 backlog is ridiculous), but I'm not sure how likely that is.

11 years ago

I agree that it won't wow people too much, but not because it's a bad entry in an established franchise. Moreso because DMC is aging and the fighting system isn't cutting edge anymore.

11 years ago

Suppose that's one way to look at it…

*sigh* I'll pick it up eventually, once the price goes down I guess. I've read a couple of reviews already….and it's all good 🙂

I'm not ashamed to admit that Dante's new design still puts me off (as well as him being half-angel now and the whole 30fps), and it may seem *very* pathetic to most….but I can't help it :/

At the very least, I hope Ninja Theory gets rewarded for their hard work; they seemed to have really gone all out with DmC.

11 years ago

Legit reviews are great, doubters are in trouble.

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