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PSXE Poll Update: GTAV Most Likely To Win GotY 2013

We figured it would come down to Grand Theft Auto V and The Last Of Us .

However, being a PlayStation-centric site, we thought the contest would be a little closer; as it turned out, the results were pretty concrete: The majority of our readers believe Grand Theft Auto V will win Game of the Year in 2013.

Naughty Dog's highly anticipated action/adventure title was the obvious runner-up, though, as no other title even topped 100 votes. Honestly, where's the love for Bioshock Infinite …? But it's no surprise that GTAV has the expectations it does; to many, if it doesn't win this year's top prize, something went terribly wrong. Heck, this is one of those games that if it scores below a mid-9, it might almost be considered a disappointment. That kind of anticipation is kinda crappy, though, because the product has to be almost perfect to avoid that "disappointment" label.

This week, with the Devil May Cry reboot just over a week away, we want to know if you think Ninja Theory has a clear-cut winner on their hands. Will they deliver a game all the franchise fans love? Or will those followers consider it watered-down and in general, of a lesser quality than past installments? Let us know what you think.

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11 years ago

I voted for The Last of Us because I believe this game could redefine the survival genre.

We know the story, characters and the gameplay will be top notch but I have to admit that I am worried about an issue of how long the game will be.

I am concerned that the game will only be around 10 hours or so in length. In my opinion, this game needs to be around 15-20 hours minimum for the developers and testers.

The Last of Us needs to let me explore this different take on wasteland.

11 years ago

I think The Last of Us will win GOTY. If done like it should and can, it will be revolutionary.

11 years ago

Wow, wasn't expecting to see so many people voting for DMC to flop. I have a lot more faith in Ninja Theory, they've put out some excellent games that people overlooked.

I guess that's the reaction you should expect when you try taking a fresh approach to a long running franchise.

11 years ago

I hope that DMC does great, Ninja Theory has been making nothing but AAA games this gen that for some reason have gone overlooked. That needs to change

Lawless SXE
Lawless SXE
11 years ago

Really hoping that NT knocks it out of the park. If any property can help them get their combat up to where they're platforming and storytelling is, it's DMC. I'm going to say that it's a winner just to keep my hopes up.

11 years ago

pretty predictable, it IS GTA after all!
certainly has the potential, if its half as good as it could be id be surprised if its not GOTY.
but i know it wont be a 10th as good as it could be, i know its going to be GTAIV with more focus on the side activities and openness of san andreas.
ie the complete opposite of what fans want!

as for DMC, its going to turn out like ninja gaiden 3.
a scrambled up mess nobody wants!
i cant understand the obsession lately with publishers putting the most inappropriate developers on games.
i mean ninya theory are NOT known for amazingly in depth advanced complex combat systems.
quite the opposite, HS and enslaved were so basic a f*cking 5 year old could master them!
DMC is the COMPLETE opposite, it is complex thats the whole draw, point of the franchise!
so why would you choose NT?
its like rolls saying ok were going to create a car to replace the phantom.
were famous and lorded for making THE best luxury car!
so lets go and hire ahhhhhhh i dunno, lets pick suzuki!
yea there perfect for the job, they have decades of experience creating the cheapest value for money machine!
the total complete opposite of us, there perfect!
why are manufactures suddenly so obsessed with asking THE most inappropriate, inexperienced, people to make their products?
if you want a fast paced action game like DMC, than go to a fast paced action developer!
dont go to a studio who is famous for doing the complete opposite of what you want.
unless crapcom chose them because they wanted a mindless action game, something a freaking 5 year old could master!
which knowing crapcom wouldent surprise me.

why cant publishers understand we dont want new games?
we just want the same as what we have been getting, we just want MORE!
why cant they understand that?
every time they talk about DMC4, they say we could see the series was going nowhere so we had to take a drastic step and reboot it to take it somewhere different.
why does the series have to go somewhere?
popularity was still high for DMC4, why do you have to change it.
look at the wii, 99% of the wii games were the same crap nintendo gave us 20 years ago!
and see how well they have done!?
look at new super mario brothers u, THE best selling wiiu title!
because nintendo understands people just want more of the same!
they understand turning the franchise on the head will piss off their fans, and will cause them to loose customers not gain customers.
so why cant everyone else understand that!?

crapcom could of made DMC5 a remake of DMC3, exactly the same levels just remade for current tech, and ill bet it would of sold better than this crappy remake will!
hell, if the HD collection was not so poorly done and buggy that would of sold better than this!

11 years ago

GTA V could win, but I'm more looking forward to Beyond, The Last of Us and Bioshock. I think Infinite will rewrite shooters, The Last of Us will redefine traditional third person action games and Beyond will take us places we never thought possible.

GTA V looks like a great iteration in the GTA saga, but I feel like I know what I'm getting more so with this game than the others.

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