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Dance Magic: Using PS Move To Conquer A “Rising Evil”

Man, why am I reminded of the original PlayStation cult classic, Bust a Groove ?

If you're looking for another reason to break out the PlayStation Move and you're a fan of dancing games, you might want to check out Gaijin Entertainment's Dance Magic , which is scheduled to hit the North American PSN on January 8.

Developer Targem Games ( Planets Under Attack ) has developed a game where you use the Move controller in dance throwdowns of sorts. The story is absurd but then again, we're talking about a Move-based dancing game, so maybe that isn't surprising: The world will be swallowed by "a rising evil," and you must save it by generating a certain energy "that can only be realized by dancing." There will be 7 dance styles and 20 music tracks, along with co-op online play as well. This could be a ton of fun, ya know.

Damnit, now I miss Bust a Groove .