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THQ No Longer On The NASDAQ

Earlier this year, publisher THQ struggled to stay listed on the NASDAQ; they managed to stay on by reducing their total number of common shares.

But not long after filing for bankruptcy, the embattled game producer has been officially de-listed from the NASDAQ stock exchange, as reported by Gamasutra . Unsurprising.

THQ is now listed on OTC Markets until the bankruptcy deal has been approved and things start rolling. For now, that means that over-the-counter business involves phone and electronic trading, but no trading on the actual trading floor. After filing for Chapter 11, the publisher revealed that a seller was in line to pick up all of the company's assets, but we don't have any specifics beyond that. We're hoping everything turns out well for THQ, mainly because we really want to see Saints Row 4 and Darksiders III , among other things.

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11 years ago

They got their own fiscal cliff.

11 years ago

ubisoft is apparently interested in them, but there reluctant because THQ is asking too high a price so that may fall to the ground.
sad, figures the ONE publisher out there that ALWAYS puts out fresh innovative games is the one to go bankrupt!
it couldent be the copy and pasters, cough EA, cough antivision.
had to be the one publisher who NEVER copies and pastes, the one publisher who is always trying to bring their twist to things and always trying to push the industry forward.
who else would of had the balls to do a quirky risky game like deblob?

this just goes to show whats wrong with consumers these days.
cliffy sadly could not be more right, what people say and what they do really are 2 different things!
there always b*tching that developers dont take risks and release something new, than when they finally do these people are nowhere to be found.
THQs gone bankrupt because consumers SAY they want quirky innovative titles, but than go and buy last years copy and paste.
its pathetic!

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