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DoA5 Update Will Let You Share Match Replays With Friends

Here's an interesting patch for a fighting game.

According to Siliconera , Dead or Alive 5 will soon receive the Ver. 1.03 update, which was revealed on Team Ninja's Japanese Twitter account.

This update will let players directly upload match replays to YouTube and Facebook. However, only PS3 users will be able to upload to both; Xbox 360 players can only update to Facebook, apparently. Furthermore, the patch will enable searching for matches by connection quality, and "throwdowns" will be added to ranked matches, too. Team Ninja has teased a few other gameplay alterations that veterans of the franchise should be able to notice without much trouble…

Just out of curiosity, is there something bizarre about my girlfriend and I enjoying this game? I mean, considering the blatant over-sexuality, it almost might seem indecent…but it's just plain fun, really. 😉

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11 years ago

Thats a cool update for the socially-conscious current generation of people. I should really play this game more, but I think I forgot how already.

11 years ago

how does this compare with other fighters on the market ben? my original 60gb died the thursday before christmas…YLOD. now im stuck waiting on a refurbished 160gb slim model and $40 bucks of PSN money to use when i get it. please bare in mind my 3 of my faves this generation were blazblue, KOF13 and Persona 4 Arena.

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