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Ni No Kuni Behind The Scenes Artistry: Studio Ghibli Impresses

Namco Bandai and Level-5 haven't been shy about taking you behind the scenes with their beautifully designed RPG, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch .

Now, in Part 2 of a video series dedicated to the creation of this very pretty production, we check out how the renowned Studio Ghibli generated such a colorful, appealing world.

Atmosphere is such a huge part of immersion and when it comes to role-playing games, it's important to present the player with an interesting, attractive world. Ni no Kuni will give us both gorgeous scenery and exquisitely drawn characters, so fans of the JRPG genre shouldn't have too much difficulty diving in. While it's true that the art style is distinctly Japanese and may seem to cater to a younger demographic, the talent behind this game is undeniable.