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This Weekend’s ME3 Multiplayer Event Is Operation: Prophecy

No, the world didn't end yesterday. Didn't see any spaceships, either.

But that doesn't mean you can't still visit the fantastical, engrossing sci-fi universe of Mass Effect 3 . This weekend's multiplayer event is named Operation: Prophecy, and has been detailed over at BioWare's official blog .

Here's the description:

"Our successes on Earth have given us the capability to land materiel in several war zones. However, in order to conceal shipments to the resistance, each delivery needs corresponding strikes on Reaper targets to create a screening distraction. The operations to deliberately gain Reaper attention are extremely high-risk and will require increased numbers to spread thin Reaper reaction forces. For this mission, N7 commanders, wherever possible, will recruit and command supplemental volunteer units: recent graduates of our N7 program and soldiers who bring experience from other branches."

There are two Challenges for this one- The first is to extract once on each Earth map (London, Vancouver, and Rio), and the second is to score 100,000 cumulative points against Reaper enemies. You can tackle these Challenges on any difficulty and completion of both will net you a Commendation Pack and a banner, "Hero of the Last Days." Good luck!

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11 years ago

People still play ME3 MP?

11 years ago

Yeah, some of us still do thought not as much as we used to when it came out. Even made a few good friends while playing the multiplayer. LOL

11 years ago

Played the MP once, nothing spectacular on my opinion but I will get into it someday.

Plus, I've yet to play Omega DLC.

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