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Lightning Returns Trailer Debuts: So…It’s An Action Game, Right?

Square Enix has released the first trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII , which features both gameplay and a dose of story information.

There's nothing we didn't already know; we're just seeing it on the screen for the first time. So…here it is.

There are 13 days until the end of the world, and Lightning must face the minions of darkness all by her lonesome. The attacks are mapped to the face buttons so it's essentially an action game with health bars and magic now, and as Lightning is flying solo, there is no party. She can also jump and evade and generally move freely about the environment and at one point, she's got herself a slick pair of sunglasses, which somehow fit her new outfit.

Apparently, this is a Final Fantasy game. It's right there in the title, see? …coulda fooled me but whatever.