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Meet Tess, A New “Pivotal Character” In The Last Of Us

As if you needed further confirmation of the unbridled awesomeness of The Last Of Us .

Naughty Dog introduces us to a new character for their upcoming survival/action blockbuster. Her name is Tess, and she's described as being a "hardened survivor living in one of the last remaining quarantine zones." A definite toughie.

She teams up with Joel and perhaps surprisingly, the two have gained a reputation in the criminal underworld for being totally ruthless. Tess is a "savvy strategist and negotiator" and she and Joel have the same dog-eat-dog mentality; she is also a "pivotal character" in the storyline. She is voiced and played by Annie Wersching, who you can see at work in this new behind-the-scenes video, and she does a great job, as do all the actors we've seen for The Last Of Us.

We just can't wait for this one.

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11 years ago

Ohh that is fun to watch it come to life like that, what a masterful art game making really is. I hope she can hold her own against the fungusheads.

11 years ago

I don't know if many people noticed it but, I am pretty sure Joel is going to die. In the VGA trailer you see him in pain with his hair white and eyes red . After that I bet you are going to play as Ellie for the rest of the game.

11 years ago

Just to let you guys kno, the actress who does tess was in the TV show "24". Just something i noticed.

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