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PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Pumped For The Last Of Us

Naughty Dog's hotly anticipated new IP is now scheduled to launch on May 7 and clearly, a great many have already circled that date on their calendars.

That's because the majority of participants in our recent poll said they'd rather see The Last Of Us than Uncharted 4 , although nearly as many said they'd be "equally excited" for both titles in question.

The Last Of Us is an action/adventure game mixed with survival and co-op elements set in a post-apocalyptic setting, and it has been dropping everyone's jaw since its debut. There's no doubt that Naughty Dog will deliver the next Uncharted at some point (possibly for the PS4) but it's always good to see a new title, right? Freshness is what keeps this industry healthy and going strong, and if there's one developer who can provide us with a AAA elite title right out of the gate, it's Naughty Dog. Those guys know what they're doin'.

This week, we want to know- Do you agree with the awards handed out during this past weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards? Many were surprised to see The Walking Dead take home Game of the Year ; were you one of them? Or are you just totally annoyed at the whole thing? Maybe your favorite game didn't get enough attention…

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11 years ago

May 7th is a great release date, as it's not too far off from me finishing my second undergraduate year 😀

11 years ago

thats a pretty obvious choice, people want to see something different and we rarely see new IPs, so that result is to be expected.
not to mention we have had 3 uncharted games in the space of 4 years, so yea i think its time to give it a break!
im still a bit skeptical, they just seem so secretive of it its not exactly instilling me with confidence.
not to mention theres allot of "infected" games out there, so im getting a strong been there done that vibe from it.
id be nice to see a new IP thats not set in a post apocalyptic setting, and does not deal with some sort of infection.
yea, i think were WELL covered for that!
in fact you could say apocalyptic infection has become the new war game!

as for spike, ill say 1 think.
shooter of the year borderlands 2.
not halo 4.
not max payne 3.
not black ops 2.
not far cry 3.
yea, i think that portrays the insanity of their decision quite well.

11 years ago

Got to disagree with you on Borderlands 2. I've played every game you've mentioned, but BL2 was the standout for me. Fantastic game that keeps you coming back for more, and it's not a Halo/COD clone.

11 years ago

Really looking forward to The Last of Us, hoping it isn't too closely related to Uncharted as far as gameplay and linearity.

As far as Spike I didn't watch as that awards show is absolute joke or at least it has been the last few times I watched so now I won't even waste my time. As if I need an award show to tell me what games are good, I have always hated the idea of awards shows as they are nothing but over glorified employee of the month awards. Sales and fans reactions dictate whther or not you made a good game, not an trophy from some ridiculous award show.

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