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November NPD: Sales Slip Again, But There’s A Silver Lining

The gaming slide continues but at least it's not as bad as in previous months.

The November NPD numbers have been released , and the industry saw total software sales slip 11% to $1.46 billion and hardware falling by 13% to $838.9 million, down from $962.2 million this time last year. Unsurprisingly, the blockbuster Call of Duty: Black Ops II was the top seller for the month. Yeah, we know you're all shocked to hear it.

NPD analyst Liam Callahan added an interesting spin to the numbers, comparing them to November 2005, when the industry was starting its transition to a new generation. When we do that, November 2012 retail sales are up 97%, which "really demonstrates the long-term health of retail sales even as many platforms are quite late in their life cycles." The other good news is that November saw the smallest year-over-year decline in total dollars this year. As for the games that came in behind Black Ops II : Halo 4 , Assassin's Creed III , Just Dance 4 , and Madden NFL 13 round out the top five.

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11 years ago

I'm assuming those numbers include Wii U sales too? Thought there would have been an increase as I've been led to believe that the Wii U is selling out (haven't seen any available in stores in my area, since it launched).

11 years ago

I've seen Wii U's available at a few different stores. It's sold out at some places but not others. Stark contrast to the Wii, which seemed impossible to find for its first year and a half.

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