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Never Thought You’d See GTA Adopt The LEGO Format, Did You?

Did you ever expect to see Grand Theft Auto in a LEGO-fied form? Probably not.

Don't expect Traveller's Tales to make a LEGO adaptation of the legendary franchise any time soon; they'll stick with titles that fit more into the family-friendly style, like "Star Wars," "Indiana Jones," and "Harry Potter."

However, that doesn't mean an individual can't get all creative. Check out what one fan did: He recreated the recently released Grand Theft Auto V trailer entirely in LEGO form. This video is very faithful to that trailer, as it features all the locations, characters, and vehicles that we saw. It's pretty impressive and obviously took a fair amount of time to do. We just can't decide if this means you're a giant GTA fan or a giant LEGO fan…or maybe just an equally huge fan of both. Either way, it's worth seeing.