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Square Enix: Controversial Hitman Trailer Helped…Kinda

Attention is attention. It helps sell a product, regardless of whether the attention is perceived as negative or positive. …right?

When the Attack of the Saints Trailer for Hitman: Absolution hit the Internet , it ticked off quite a few people. But Square Enix director of marketing Cord Smith was surprised at the outcry, primarily because – as he told – he was in a development "bubble" and didn't see it from an outsider's perspective.

As for the PR angle, is it a good thing? Well, here's Cord's take:

"In general, you'd imagine any controversy provides increased awareness of the game's existence. So if you're just looking from an awareness standpoint, maybe it's helpful in spite of the tone of some of the comments and debates that went on. But I don't think it was something we would want to exploit, that sort of awareness. It's a difficult thing from a public relations side. Do you try to dispel it or provide people with enough context to have a more educated conversation about it? Or do you kind of let it burn out?"

Perhaps there's no clear answer but there's no doubt that the name "Hitman" has become a bit more widespread due to that trailer. Now, will it have an impact on sales…? Perhaps that'll rely more on reviews.

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11 years ago

dont be daft!
that trailer if anything lost the game some sales not gained it!
if people wanted a mindless shooter theres many, many, MANY better ones to choose from!
so from that logic the rape controversy will help tomb raiders sales because that would of raised attention for that game too.
attention in the wrong area, by the wrong people.

11 years ago

Chances are, though, that most people who will get really antsy about this weren't likely into a game like 'Hitman' anyways.

Personally, I always wish people would provide more info to promote more intelligent conversation. But I'll be honest, I hadn't even heard of this controversy until this article. :p

11 years ago

dunno what the big deal was….thought it was a pretty standard trailer

11 years ago

I didn't think the "controversy" was that big of a deal, just your standard fan complaint at an old franchise taking stupid new steps.

Anybody else starting to think that to work for Square Enix you must agree to live in a bunker with no internet access?

Last edited by WorldEndsWithMe on 11/22/2012 10:42:04 AM

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