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Call Of Duty Elite TV Ready, Indulge In The Action Next Week

A new season of Call of Duty Elite TV begins promptly on November 13, when Call of Duty: Black Ops II hits store shelves. You ready?

Activision has sent over the official Elite TV trailer; it's embedded below so check it out. If that isn't enough and you want more details and information, head on over to the official website to learn more.

This is about as advanced as gaming gets, isn't it? I mean, just in terms of technology combining with massive widespread appeal to deliver free, ceaseless, fully robust entertainment based on a video game. I so want to travel back in time about 20-25 years and show this to all my friends and go, "This is how far gaming has come." I can just imagine the shock and awe on their faces as they leave Super Mario Bros. 2 paused on the good ol' flickering tube TV.

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11 years ago

I am so excited for this version of Call of Duty! I know for a fact I won't be into the You Tube feature, but that's cool for all the other gamers who will be into it.

The campaign looks great and MP will be outstanding too. Zombies, oh yeah, Zombies it going to rock as well.

What the hell is IFW going to do with MW4 to top BOII?! They are scrambling that's for sure. Treyarch's CoD has always been my favorite.

11 years ago

Probably better for everyone if I don't say anything.

11 years ago

They should drop down their DLC prices on their map packs.

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