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Assassin’s Creed Anthology Exclusive To UK, At Least For Now

Sorry, it seems we got North American gamers all excited for nothing .

Ubisoft has officially confirmed the Assassin's Creed Anthology , which features all the series installments released thus far on consoles, along with a ton of downloadable content. As it turns out, this massive compilation will launch exclusively in the UK through Amazon on November 30.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean it'll never come to the US, so we should probably remain optimistic. It's just drool-worthy for all hardcore fans of the fantastic series; UK gamers even get five lithographs, a steelbook case and a cool collector's box. If it does end up coming stateside, you might see a $199 price tag, as the UK version will retail for £120. That might not be too bad, considering what Ubisoft is featuring in that package…pretty freakin' great.

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11 years ago

ubisoft, please dont turn into $ony!
why does this have to be exclusive to the UK?
so many cool possibilities they could do with this.

11 years ago

Through the amount of exclusive editions and games you have had that we have missed out on I have no sympathy. Mind you I all it seems to be is just a big collection with all the DLC, so there is nothing you cannot already get anyway. I already have 3 of the games already and still need to catch up with this series, so I doubt I'll be getting it.

11 years ago

£120 is probably a bit steep considering there's only 1 New release in the collection. However, with all DLC included, will def consider this in the future.

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