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THQ Forced To Delay Upcoming Trio

Well, if you need the time to get 'em right, we say take that time.

During the company's latest financial update , THQ revealed that it has been forced to delay three upcoming titles.

South Park: The Stick of Truth (originally slated for March 5, 2013) is now set for "early fiscal 2014," which could mean the first fiscal quarter between April and June. Metro Last Light and Company of Heroes 2 are now scheduled to arrive in March 2013. In addressing these delays, THQ president Jason Rubin had this to say:

"When I joined THQ, the company made a public commitment to quality titles. We always expected that in some cases this would mean that more time would be needed to make sure that every title is of the highest possible quality."

Rubin added that he believes South Park has a "significant market opportunity" and it's shaping up to be one of the more anticipated games of next year. He says they're "committed to giving gamers no less than the rich South Park game they have been waiting for and deserve." As for numbers, THQ posted a net revenue of $107.4 million, down from the $146.0 million the company posted during the same period last year. But losses were down to $21 million (compared to $92.4 million), and digital revenues rose 34%.

Hey, we say just give us another Darksiders and we're good. Bad-ass game; play it if you haven't already.

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Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

Hey man, as long as my games ship 100% complete (no dlc) and top notch polish, then by all means, delay.

11 years ago

I'm looking forward to Metro: Last Light but those 3 games probably aren't gonna save THQ. Why not give people a Saint's Row trilogy to fight GTA while working on SR4? And I had hopes for Devil's Third.

11 years ago

metro was always set to march 2013 so nothings really changed there.
as for south park it was quite obvious there really having trouble with the game, especially the fact that they have been so reluctant in showing it off.

THQ really need to get some more publishers under them they dont have enough studios to keep giving them consistent revenue.
really should of kept their AU studio and used it as a hotspot for cheap but quirky IOS or even PSN games!
thats why THQ is in the shitter, there focusing all their money on big high budget games.
and the sad fact is no matter how good they are, and metro last light looks so freaking awesome!
no one will buy them.
they need to wake up and smell the cheese and realise no one is buying our big budget games, so we need to scale back and start releasing smaller lower budget games to fund the bigger more expensive ones.
their a small bunch of folks in uni trying to compete with NASA, sorry guys it just does not work that way!
if their games were selling well than you could understand, but their not so why are they so hell bent and consistent on releasing the biggest most expensive games out there?
cut down for crying out loud, release a few mobile games to get a few bucks in your back pocket, THAN go back to the big high budget games!
otherwise im afraid their time in this industry is VERY limited!
id hate to see my favorite publisher go down the drain, there the only publisher this gen who has always put out such fun games!
even their worst game, homefront, wasent half bad!

11 years ago

Company of heroes is one badass game. If you own a computer or even a recent laptop and you like RTS games, that game should be on your I own this game list.

11 years ago

What he/she said. By far one of the best RTSs ever. Can't wait for some Great Patriotic War action.

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