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Hitman: Absolution Trailer Emphasizes A Detailed, Engaging World

The upcoming Hitman: Absolution isn't just about sneaking up behind someone and taking him out.

There is also a believable, engaging world to enjoy and explore. In the latest video for the new Hitman installment, we check out a "living, breathing" environment that should add a great deal of essential ambiance to the experience.

This is a gritty, seemingly authentic world that demands your attention, and although it may not push the graphical envelope, that engine still looks awfully capable. Personally, whenever I'm spending a fair amount of time in an engrossing adventure (and stealth is a major point of the game), I'm that much more in tune with my surroundings. Therefore, to learn that Hitman: Absolution will feature such a well designed and highly detailed world is a big plus for me. The bald assassin rises once again later this month, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.