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Need For Speed: Most Wanted TV Ad: The Classic Showdown

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is coming. And after watching this new live action TV ad, you'll be more ready than ever to race.

If you're into hot cars and the whole concept of pursuit, and you just so happen to like the idea of a modern high-noon, very cowboy-esque standoff between racers and cops, this is the two-minute vid for you.

The combined cost of those cars is a little mind-boggling. If EA is done using them for their promotional purposes, I'd be happy to take one or two off their hands. I mean, they're used now, right? Anyway, Most Wanted lands on October 30 and it features an open city format (similar to Burnout Paradise ) and – one would assume – all the awesome cars you see in this ad. By the way, that song reminds me of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air;" it was in the episode where Will and Carlton dance to it in a talent show. …yeah, I'm probably older than you. So?