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ibb and obb Revealed For PSN: Co-Op Fun With A Gravity Twist

It has a funny-sounding name and an innovative concept…and that's hardly a new occurrence for a PlayStation Network title.

A "cooperative puzzle-platformer" called ibb and obb will hit the PSN next Spring, and it looks awfully unique. Initially titled "Brothers," the game is designed specifically for two players. Gotta love co-op!

There's one significant twist and that involves the "two directions of gravity." Both you and your partner will have to successfully navigate the challenging worlds by continuing to deal with the inverted gravitational pulls; it's hard to explain, so just watch the intriguing video below.

The combination of the colorful yet minimalist visual presentation and the very pretty music makes this one quite charming, and there are also multiple gameplay mechanics to experience and master. Gravity bubbles are mentioned, for instance, and you get a peek at them in the trailer. ibb and obb will also support online multiplayer so finding someone to play with shouldn't be too tough. Check it out: