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Relive The Artistic Glory When Okami HD Strikes On October 30

It was one of the most unique and artistically impressive games of the last generation.

Now, it's returning with a new gorgeous high-definition coat of gloss, which should allow the production's amazing design to shine. You know you want Okami HD , because the game will be beautiful in 1080p on your PS3. Oh so pretty!

And as announced at the Capcom-Unity page , the title has a release date for the PlayStation Network: October 30. It will run you $19.99, which is a decent price considering that this is a full PS2 title, and it'll also boast Trophies and PlayStation Move support. There were few games in recent memory that could compare with Okami 's singular, memorable presentation and style, so add this one to your "collection" at the end of next month.