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Puppeteer TGS Trailer Puts Creativity, Innovation In The Spotlight

Gamers have often been able to turn to Sony for highly imaginative and original works, many of which have been found in the downloadable realm.

One of the newest was revealed last month at Gamescom, and it's now scheduled to wow the crowds at the Tokyo Game Show this month. If you'd like to get a peek at the Puppeteer trailer for the event , check it out below. You won't be sorry.

There won't be a playable demo for the show attendees but we'll take this video for now. It's similar to the Gamescom vid but it portrays a little more of the story and gives us an even closer look at the amazing creativity and artistry within. This looks like something Media Molecule might give us; one can sense the LittleBigPlanet inspiration up to a certain point. Then there's a huge influx of wacky, beautifully designed imagery, and let's not forget that the gameplay mechanic is pretty interesting, too… This one should be a gem.