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Nail An Awesome Drunken Whaler Remix, Get Dishonored Free

There are multiple ways to express your creativity in regards to video games. It's not all about programming or making new levels.

Some of the more musically inclined will appreciate this: As announced at the Bethesda Blog , the publisher has released the full MP3 download of "The Drunken Whaler," the appealing tune that was heard in the recent Dishonored E3 trailer. This was thanks to a collaboration between COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound and the Bethesda team; you can learn more about it here .

Plus, they've kicked off an official Remix Competition for that same song. All you have to do is download the stems and submit your own unique remix by September 28. If they like it, you could win a free copy of the upcoming game! If you think you've got what it takes to make a killer remix, feel free to read up on the rules and details . Good luck!

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11 years ago

Love that trailer. I could probably come up with something great but eh that's a lot of work so I think I'll just stick with my preorder. I'm downloading the song though because it's awesome.

11 years ago

Drunken Whaler Dishonored Rap

Listen close, it's the Dishonoured rap
Many other new games look like crap
But Bethesda's throwin down
To win the yearly crown
Of the best damn game, of the year

No tech is too tough
For this imprisoned gruff
No roof is too high
To kill from the sky
I'll be the last damn thing that you ever see

If someone can offer some more verses I'll call it the PSXExtreme Dishonored Rap.

Last edited by ZenChichiri on 9/17/2012 12:18:37 AM

11 years ago

Jokes and jokes and jokes………………spaghetti…spaghetti!!!

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