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Rainbow Moon Melodies, Premium Bundle Arrive This Week

Rainbow Moon is one of the absolute best downloadable games of the year.

That goes double – no, triple – if you're an old-school RPG fan. But if for some reason you haven't yet had the pleasure of EastAsiaSoft's latest, now's the time to strike. There's not only a demo available, there's also a new Premium Bundle and the Rainbow Moon Melodies.

The demo lets you play the game for up to 90 minutes and if you choose to make the purchase based on that test, your save data from that demo can be used in the full title. And by the way, the cost for the game is still $14.99 and considering what you get for that amount, it's a steal. The Rainbow Moon Melodies features all 32 tracks from the game, which is 100% DRM free and is available for $4.99. They're even offering a physical soundtrack CD (yay, a real disc!); it "has been professionally manufactured and ships in a cell wrapped clear color tray jewel case with a high quality four pages full color booklet." This goes for $9.99 and can be found at the EastAsiaSoft online store .

Last but definitely not least is that Premium Bundle, which includes the game, the Melodies, and the Starter Pack (Medium) add-on. This goes for only $4 more ($18.99), so it might be well worth the money.

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11 years ago

Jump on this if you haven't already!

I love this game and highly recommend it. I'm now at about level 40 and things just changed up a bit (I won't spoil anything).

I never even knew about the starter pack thing but I wouldn't have bought it even if I did, and I wouldn't recommend it. My only complaint is my own damn fault: I played the game on normal and now I wish I played on hard. I think the 90 min demo is kinda dumb though because it takes longer than that to start having real fun…

Last edited by PoopsMcGee on 9/3/2012 11:09:58 AM

11 years ago

I'd love to get a peek at the sales for these nostalgic titles, too bad they hide the numbers.

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