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DICE Responds To Fan Complaints Concerning Battlefield 4

There wasn't a whole lot of hype and fanfare surrounding the recent Battlefield 4 announcement…if you can even call it an announcement.

Franchise fans learned a sequel was in the works when EA revealed that if gamers pre-purchase the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter , they'd automatically earn a spot in the BF4 beta. And with the beta slated for fall of next year, most assume the game will launch not long after, so a likely release window would be holiday 2013. It makes perfect logical sense, yes?

The problem with that is simple: Some fans just think it's too soon and as a result, DICE will halt BF3 support well before the players are ready. However, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach dismissed these complaints, merely calling them "sad." As he told Eurogamer :

"People tend to forget we built three other Battlefield games in between Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3. That's a natural reaction. People then think we won't support Battlefield 3, even though we have the Premium version, people know we're working on future expansion packs and we've been very open in explaining what we are doing.

We heard that before with Battlefield 2. It was like, oh, you stopped supporting games! No, we're working like hell, but we haven't announced it yet. We have now announced we are putting a lot of effort into supporting Battlefield 3 and still we get reactions like this. I think it's just sad. We are dedicated to supporting Battlefield 3. People seem to be worried for all the wrong reasons."

Bach added that just because his team is working on multiple projects at the same time doesn't mean fans will suffer. He says they're "better than ever when it comes to supporting our game," and they most certainly don't want to make the avid followers wait another six years for a new Battlefield (the gap between BF2 and BF3). So yeah, don't have conniptions, BF3 aficionados. Just relax.

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11 years ago

Well, you shouldn't out your game with a silly beta promotion for starters.

Gamers are just scared DICE will start to treat Battlefield like Activision treats CoD. Totally natural reaction that will wear off.

Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

I actually prefered Bad Company 2.

11 years ago

I prefered bad company 2 as well. It was just way more fun.

BF3, just wasnt as fun as BF BC 2 was. Now, on the player run servers for ps3, you got people so good that you just never have a chance. I played against this all sniper team that just wtf pwned everyone they played.

I know. I know. Cry more nooob. But what I mean is these guys never missed. All I wanted to do was play on a server where noobs played. But you cant, because you keep getting directed to the PLAYER run servers.

I respect the level of sophistication of some of these BF 3 teams. But I just like to blow stuff up and have fun. I love playing with the tanks and blowing the crap out of buildings.

The battlefield series was meant to be played with tons of people, not 24, like on the consoles. So we are stuck with HUGE war fields and just, well, you cant blow buildings up and kill people in them! Which is the only reason I play BF! BF BC 2 had this in droves!

I erased all my BF 3 data on my ps3 and put Counterstrike on it instead. Loving it.

I will skip BF 4.

11 years ago

no sir, whats sad is you STILL dont get it!
people are not pissed because they think BF3 wont be supported anymore.
there pissed because BF4 means the games the fans want you working on the most, IE ME2 and BC3 are even further away!
THAT is why people are pissed!
oh and were also pissed because all DICE does is LIE!
they say it would be impossible to release a BF game in 2 years, now BF4 is probably going to release next oct which is 2 years after BF3!
so 1 lie there.
they said BF3 was built from the ground up on PC, PC was the lead platform!
than shortly after release they revealed that was not true, PC was not the lead platform.
lie 2.
so excuse me if being pissed at someone after they lie to your face, and rape their wallet is being unreasonable!
gotta love it how he says 15M people like the game just because 15M copies have been sold.
right, so in that case that means .35M people love naughty bear!
yea….. thats what i thought!

11 years ago

I think people are scared because it got announced a lot sooner than BF3 got announced after BFBC2 did it not?

I don't like it either, because really if they are going to support BF3 like crazy why are they even making another game?

It all smells like annualized BS from EA to me.

11 years ago

Well, I happen to own and like all of the BF games. If the quality is high as I feel it is now, Good, let em' release a new one once a year for all I care. I would actually really enjoy a futuristic game like their other title. I'm sure it'll be coming soon as well.

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