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Dead Space 3 Create-A-Weapon Contest

Feeling creative? Want to see something that came together in your brain on the TV screen?

Developer DICE is giving gamers the chance to craft their own weapons for Dead Space 3 . No, we're not just talking about in-game customization (which is there).

Between now and September 1, 2012, you can head to the site linked above and invent any number of weapons you wish using the available parts. They say there are literally "thousands of possibilities" so it shouldn't be too hard to generate some very unique firearms. If you just so happen to impress the hell out of the developers with your imaginative creation, that weapon will be featured in the upcoming game. So like, you get to be part of the design team…after a fashion. You're not getting paid but you are getting the recognition. That's more important to some.

Like about a hundred other potentially AAA titles, Dead Space 3 is slated to arrive in the first quarter of next year; specifically, on February 15.

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11 years ago

the don't exactly leave you much room for creativity. More like how you can "Create" your own gun in army of 2

11 years ago

I wish they allowed you to download the weapon skins, kind of like in twisted metal so you can customize the way they look. I'll definitely give this a shot though!

11 years ago

It should have been a wholly original contest with a name, functions, and sketches.

I'd make a drill-bit rifle that fires like a Resistance auger through walls.

Looking Glass
Looking Glass
11 years ago

Nice try DICE but it's been done before and done better. Namely with Insomniac and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time. That's how the Spiral of Death was born.

11 years ago

whys DICE doing a contest for this?
so disappointed this has taken a even bigger step to a mindless shooter!
wish we could have the original dead space back, that was such a awesome game!
exactly why we need new IPs, there the only ones which actually try to do something new and different!
why do sequels have to be the same old crap other games have been giving us for years!
and new ips have to be new experiences into things we have not seen before?
and why do sequels always have to be so drastically different from their predecessors?
and why do sequels always have to replace the best parts of their predecessors?
god this gen has to be THE worst for the industry EVER!
not only has it turned us into pussies, twitches, graphic whores, freaking noobs!
its also turned us into mindless drones following the zombified sheep off the cliff!
ahhhhhhhh, so THATS why zombie games are suddenly so popular!

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