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Hitman: Absolution Contracts Multiplayer Mode Detailed

This is one fresh and unique multiplayer mode that should prove awfully intriguing…

Developer IO Interactive has revealed an "asynchronous multiplayer mode" for their upcoming title, Hitman: Absolution . It was shown off at a Gamescom event ; the mode is called "Contracts," and it hinges on choice and customization.

Players will create their own scenarios from scratch, where they target any three characters on a certain level with any weapons. The challenge is to complete the contract within the allotted time; the faster it's done, the more money you'll earn. Here's one of the examples Joystiq used:

"…in the oft-seen library scene where Agent 47 is trying to get away from a group of cops, it is now possible to make an original kill scenario. Players take out a target, choosing a specific weapon. Then they can do that to two other characters, then escape the scenario – and upload that to the contracts server."

IO has confirmed that there will be weekly contracts, and all earned money can be used to start new scenarios with weapons and disguises. The more you amass, the more chameleon-like you'll become, as you'll blend into just about any environment, and you'll have just the right weapon, too. Of all the multiplayer modes out there, I'd have to say this is one of the more exciting. Besides, I love me some Hitman .

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11 years ago

Hitman just keeps getting better by the day! 🙂

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