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Darksiders II Crucible Mode: Take An Action-Packed Gamble

Darksiders II is a big game. And the further you go, the more powerful you will become. That only stands to reason.

But are you capable of handling The Crucible? It's a 100-level pure combat challenge, where the encounters become progressively tougher and the risk vs. reward question gets thornier with every passing battle…

In this hotly contested mode, you will be given the option to quit after every five waves of enemies. If you choose to quit, you'll receive a reward based on your achievement and that will be the end. However, if you choose to continue, you can earn even better goodies…provided you don't lose. You have to reach the next plateau where you're again given the option to quit; if you lose before that, you get nothing . So, ready to take a gamble?