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007 Legends Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

The legends of MI6 will be featured in the upcoming James Bond game, which launches on October 16 in North America.

And if you can't wait to get your hands on more stylish spy action, you should pre-order at either GameStop or Amazon to nab some exclusive extra content, detailed today.

Putting your deposit down at will net you the Nemesis Pack, which lets you play as two of the most notorious villains in the franchise's long history: Jaws and Baron Semedi. So this way, you can view the events in the game through the eyes of Moonraker's space-suit-wearing henchman or Live and Let Die's voodoo king. Just remember that this is a "while supplies last" thing, so you better strike while the iron's hot.

If you'd rather pre-order at GameStop, you'll earn The 007 Pack, which grants an exclusive James Bond character outfit for split-screen multiplayer, plus "the most famous of Bond's handguns," the Walther PPK pistol. They're even throwing in the Fast Switch gadget, which increases overall weapon speed by 50%. If this sounds more appealing, head to your local GameStop location or check 'em out online.

007 Legends is exactly what it sounds like: A compilation of scenes from some of the greatest Bond movies ever and yes, the upcoming SKYFALL will be featured as well. By the way, last year's GoldenEye 007: Reloaded was excellent, so you should expect something pretty damn good.

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11 years ago

Cool. And don't forget Far Cry 3 people, another great looking holiday FPS. I'm sure it has freedom of choice civil rights actvist and local visionary Beamboom salivating at the mouth =p

And remember E3? It's like 2 games in ONE! (it has multiplayer AND single player)

Last edited by Temjin001 on 8/10/2012 10:56:27 AM

Fox hounder
Fox hounder
11 years ago

007 legends looks really cool, i just hope they leave the online multiplayer trophies out, lol.

Goldeneye reloaded was awesome, unfortunately because of MW3 & BF3, it had no online multiplayer community, but had a crap load of online multiplayer trophies. No chance for a platinum there 🙁

Still was a fun game though 🙂

11 years ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this

11 years ago

so disappointed by this!
the past few 007 games have actually been REALLY good!
now that they finally built up some momentum and people started to look forward to them, thats when they decide to pull the rug out!
hate the idea of this, it just does not feel right.
your going to be in 1 game, with 1 story, than constantly switching every half hour or so!
its like watching multiple movies on multiple channels, and changing the channel every 30 minutes.
why couldent we just have another new bond game?
blood stone was one of the best spy games we have had this gen!
i was so looking forward to what the team came up with next.

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