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Dead Or Alive 5: Helena’s Version Of Opening Ceremonies

It's tough to call it "opening ceremonies" when we've still got over six weeks to wait. But it's called "opening declaration," so it sorta makes sense.

The latest Dead or Alive 5 trailer sees DOATEC CEO Helena explaining to everyone that despite some setbacks, everything is going along smoothly and the new tournament is ready to begin.

Yeah, there's something of a story in DoA5, just as there's a little story in any fighter. It's never the focus and the plot is always cheesy as hell, but really, nobody cares. At least we get some stunning new visuals and cinematography in this new trailer and besides, Helena is my favorite DoA girl, anyway. I'm terrible at fighting games but I had her down back in DoA2: Hardcore on the PS2. …down, as in, I could do all her moves, not down, like I have her down on a bed somewhere…there's no real-life Helena…is there?